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Refil Creme de Tratamento Brilho Intenso 700g

Developed to strengthen, brighten and protect your hair. Its formula, with Ceramides and Pro-Vitamin B5, forms a protective film from the root to the tips, avoiding the breaking and forming of double ends. Helps repair hair to the inside, shielding against external damage. Seals the cuticles, providing greater strength, elasticity and a sheen radiance.
No salt *: no added sodium chloride 700g Renders 29 applications (Sustainability 75% less plastic) pH 4

Como utilizar

After washing the hair with the shampoo, apply the cream to the wet hair, in all the extension of the threads, massaging wick to wick. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Ideal also for baths of cream with the use of thermal cap.