Spray Meia Calça Nylon Legs – Morena Clara N 1

The Pantyhose Spray Vini Lady was created to cover the imperfections of your legs as varicose veins, vessels, scars, tattoos and stains. It can also be used to correct vitiligo discolorations. Its formula contains Vitamin E, Argan and Panthenol, protecting and offering softness and smoothness to your skin. It’s an instantaneous make-up, of easy application and textured cover. It resists water. It values your legs with a natural look.

How to use

Shake well before using the can, evenly applying on your skin from a distance of 15cm, allowing it to dry for at least 7 minutes before putting clothes on. Do not spread with your hands to preserve the pantyhose texture. It can be used from 3 to 4 times. If you like, you can use a Moisturizing Lotion after the spray to unify. To take the make-up off from hands or legs, wash with soap – using a sponge if necessary. Protect the furniture, clothes and floor during its application.