Refil Creme de Tratamento Reparação Total 700g

Developed to care for severely damaged hair. Through its Nutri Calcium technology associated with Keratin, it repairs and revitalizes fragile and brittle wires, progressively working against damage. Its formula acts in the internal and external structure of the wires for a complete reconstruction. It fights the cracks, repairing the fiber in its intercellular level, preventing the break. Realinha and seals the scales of the surface, avoiding the formation of double ends. The result is a strong, healthy hair with a radiant sheen.
No salt *: no added sodium chloride
700g Renders 29 applications (Sustainability, 75% less plastic) pH 4.0

How to use

After washing the hair with Vini Lady shampoo TOTAL REPAIR, apply the cream to damp hair, all the length of the threads, massaging wick to wick. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Ideal also for baths of cream with the use of thermal cap.