Protetor Solar FPS 30 120g

High-performance product with photo-stable filters that maintains effectiveness throughout exposure. Helps prevent sunburn by protecting the skin up to 30 times longer than without its application. It has high protection, being indicated for people of skin very sensitive to sunburn. With Vitamin E and Karité, antioxidant and ultrahydrating, it combats the formation of free radicals, photoaging, sun spots and risk of skin cancer. It has a gentle fragrance and easy absorption for daily protection of the whole family (adults and children).
Apply abundantly 20 minutes before sun exposure. The product should be applied evenly on dry skin. If the amount applied is not adequate, the level of protection will be significantly reduced. Reapplication of the product is required to maintain its effectiveness. Always reapply, after intense sweating, swim or bathe, dry with a towel and during sun exposure.