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Mousse Modelador Strong 3×1

This innovative and easy-to-use product combines the concept of the ease of absorption and conditioning of a Mousse, with the durable modeling and hydration of an ointment and the ease of spreading, fixing and drying a Hair Spray quickly. All without the use of combs, boards, only your fingers.

Its exclusive formula was specially designed to model in seconds, creating volume and texture, signing hairstyles and revitalizing your style. Being repellent to moisture and depending on the amount applied, the breeding can last for more than 72 hours, being easily redone just by moistening the hands and remodeling the hair.

This product was made to perform and give you what no other product gives you in performance. Without the use of alcohol, you can stay on your hair without drying out. It does not saturate or form peel or flakes like a gel. If the hair is stuck at some point, it is enough to release with a comb or with the fingers, that the modeling memory remains the same.

How to use

Shake well before using. Apply on the palm of the hand at a distance of about 20 cm. Do not apply too close because you can stay well frozen. The product can be applied directly on the hair but should be spread with the hands so as not to concentrate on just one area. It can be used on dry or wet hair, as long as it is not oily. You control your hair at the time you want. The product allows for unique professional style design experiences and it is up to you to explore the possibilities. In order to remove the product, it is sufficient to wash, as different from a wax or ointment, it is easy to remove the shampoo in the first wash. We respect your time. It's Radical, take advantage. Your hair can stand for 3 days. It's Show!