Creme de Tratamento Selagem Capilar 900g

Formula enriched with Aminoacids and Karite, provides extraordinary restoration of chemically treated hair, sealing the hydration inside and leaving it strengthened throughout. With revolutionary hydra-sealant technology, a combination of low pH and ultra-hydration, deeply nourishes fiber and seals your cuticles, sealing against external aggressions. Reduces volume and frizz by prolonging smoothing and color for longer. The result is a shiny, silky, protected hair with radiant color. Without salt *: without addition of sodium chloride. 900g Render 37 applications. pH 3.5

How to use

After washing the hair with the Vini Lady SHAMPOO SHAMPOO, apply the cream to damp hair, over the length of the threads, massaging wick to wick. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Ideal also for baths of cream with the use of thermal cap.